Love Magic & Spells

Spell Without Ingredients for Attracting Love

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.
Without opening your eyes, try to completely clear your mind. Try not to think about anything.
Once you clear your mind, focus and imagine how a new love makes you feel wonderful. Think about the butterflies in your stomach, the first kiss with this person, hugging, etc. Try not to think about this person's appearance, but about the mutual feeling of love that will fill both of you.
When you immerse yourself in these imaginings, say or sing the spell:
Love Magic & Spells
Beloved, come into my life. Beloved, let me love you. Beloved, share with me the beauty of life. Beloved, I summon you.
Repeat these words three times.
After the third repetition, slowly open your eyes.
Important information.
Before you start, make sure you are protected from negative energies. To do this, you must cleanse and protect the space in which you intend to cast the spell. An easy method is to sprinkle salt around yourself. While doing so, say the following words: "I consecrate this place. Only love and good can remain in the circle. Hatred and evil are expelled.".
You can cast the spell at any time, but some moments may be more effective than others. For example, a full moon is an ideal time to cast a love spell, or to start something new.
Remember, when casting the spell you must believe in it, if the faith is not deep, the spell will certainly not work.
After casting the love spell, patience and trust are extremely important. It may take some time before your wish becomes reality. Being overly impatient and nervous while waiting for the results only releases negative energy, which can adversely affect the effectiveness of the spells.
You can repeat the spell any number of times.

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