Love test

Do I really love him/her?

Love is hard to describe so it's hard to tell when you feel love, when it's just infatuation or maybe lust or some other feeling. There are false and real signs of love that are so subtle you barely notice them. While love may come in different stages, and everyone may experience it in slightly different ways, there are some typical signs of love. Based on these common signs, this love test will help you determine if you are in love or if it is a different feeling.
Give the answer according to what you feel, don't hesitate too long, usually the first answer that comes to mind is the real answer. Remember that by answering questions truthfully you will only fool yourself.

Love test. Do I really love him / her?

    The purpose of this love test is to verify the most important signs of love. Consider which signs describe what you are feeling.
  • You lose track of time - you can spend hours talking and cuddling, but when it comes to saying goodbye it feels like a moment has passed and the time spent together has always been too short.
  • You check the phone every now and then - you look at the phone every now and then to check if he / she wrote something, or if it is really turned on and has range. You are waiting impatiently for some contact, even if only a moment has passed since the last one.
  • You browse photos and reread messages - you often check your phone to look again at shared photos or reread messages from him / her with a smile on your face.
  • Everything reminds you about him / her - regardless of whether you are walking and passing places where you have been, if you hear the music you danced to together, or if you are shopping and wondering what he / she would choose, everything It reminds you of him / her.
  • Moments spent with him / her are not a waste of time - eg when someone asks you what did you do yesterday? When you are alone you will answer "I was bored - I was sitting on the couch, watching the series and eating popcorn", but when you are with him / her you will reply "It was great - we were lying on the couch, watching a nice series and eating popcorn together".
  • You want and love to talk to him / her - no matter if it is about the weather or the current geopolitical situation, it is important that you can talk to him / her. You even catch yourself calling him / her under any pretext just to hear his / her voice.
  • You completely forget about your ex - even though you previously missed, remembered and regretted the breakup, or you were furious and angry with your ex, now it doesn't matter, you forget it. Old wounds heal or have been healed by a new love.
  • You subconsciously remember his / her favorite things - talks about your favorite movie, meal, song or color, you pay attention to it and subconsciously remember it to know how to make him / her happy in the future. You go to the store for shopping and you know that he / she would like it, that he / she would choose this thing, etc.
  • You think and talk to him / her about the future - e.g. where will you go on your next vacation, how will you spend Christmas, when you live together, what would your children look like, etc.
  • You keep talking about him / her - you catch yourself telling your friends about him / her again. You are wondering if you love him / her - ask your friends how many times you have said his / her name.
  • Doing things that you would never do yourself - e.g. you get up in the morning and go for a run because he / she does it, or you eat vegan meals because he / she has such a diet, you go to a big concert despite that you hate crowds etc.
  • You underestimate his / her minor flaws - certain behaviors that drive you crazy in others (maybe chewing gum with open mouth, swallowing loud, unusual laughter) seem irrelevant or even cute to him / her.
  • You say and think "we" instead of "me" - e.g. when talking to friends instead of "I was in this place" you say "we were there", instead of "I did it" you say "we did it", instead of "I'll come to you on your birthday" you say "we'll come" etc.
  • The first and last person you think about - when you wake up in the morning you wonder what he / she is doing right now, or you can't wait to meet or you can't get a good look while lying next to you. And before going to bed you remember the moments you shared, you think about what he / she said, you wonder if he / she feels what you feel, etc.

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